Lafont Innovations’ CEO, Ombo Malumbe, Sets a Benchmark by Focusing on Setting Impeccable Standards for Services

Incorporated in 2017 and based in Nairobi, Lafont Innovations focuses on providing invaluable technology-based business concepts for purposes of execution by third-parties. The company also ventures into UI/UX design, software, website, and mobile application development.

LI finances in and procures start-ups dealing in its domain, across the globe, with a view of propping the project to its full potential. Lafont Innovations LLC is a registered company in the Republic of Kenya, generating ideas that need to be evolved into working innovations that can be commercialized or licensed to third-parties.

Moreover, LI is a medium-sized organization; thus, the level of interaction among colleagues is relatively high regardless of the distinct roles. GoodFirms interviewer approached Ombo Malumbo, the CEO of Lafont Innovations, in which he describes the company and its services along with its working ethics.

Besides evaluating or drafting documents, producing concepts, and walking through clients or prospects, Ombo is concerned about developing useful research and evolution of the projects assigned to the team to provide a client the best experience in UI/UX design while prototyping.

Looking at Ombo’s interest in computers and software-based solutions, his dad allowed him to use his office computer in 2000 or 2001. Progressively, with variable breaks, Ombo kept on trying to learn about software and hardware. Yet, for some reason, he did not opt to pursue a career within those lines.

In 2012, Ombo enrolled for a Bachelor of Laws degree at Mount Kenya University School of Law, where he attained a Post Graduate Diploma degree in Law. As a result, he was declared as an Attorney of the High Court of Kenya.

In 2017, while Ombo was undertaking his Pupillage Program, a statutory requirement, he registered Lafont Innovations Limited, which remained dormant until late 2018 until it officially got a team to work with on possible projects.

Besides this, Ombo manages both Lafont Innovations Limited and Ong’anya Ombo Advocates, where he is a Partner and co-founder. Lafont Innovations Limited colludes with the Law Firm, whereby the client, through Lafont Innovations Limited, could get complimentary services that will help them reduce costs.

Initially, the company’s purpose was to focus on developing its products and commercialize through licensing since the team works on their ideas. Later, a gap in quality according to the services’ cost compared to the typical price to quality was noticed. The founders of the company decided to venture into offering the services we are offering at the moment.

Continuing with the interview, Ombo elaborates more on the services offered at Lafont Innovations. Further, the CEO divulges that the professionals are compassionate on matters touching Intellectual Property. Adding to the statement mentioned above, he says that most clients would like to access the source codes and register the final output as copyright and, in unique situations, as a patent utility model. Owing to that fact, the expert team focuses on assuring that the product meets all those situations save for codes that might be open-source or licensed from third-parties.

The app developers’ builds native and hybrid apps for businesses with robust APIs and scalable backend. They make clients’ mobile apps accessible on the go with devices from IOS & Android platforms.

Further, the experts built apps for all interfaces and devices to produce apps catering to different verticals. The experts also develop cutting-edge interfaces for next-gen users who are passionate about technology. Lafont is continuously evolving technological expertise for apps that get adaptable with all types of devices.

Thus, creating user experiences that make clients’ apps work seamlessly with their user needs endows Lafont Innovations as one of the top mobile app development companies in Kenya at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below reflects the quality apps curated at Lafont Innovations.

The group of creative team designs and delivers user-centric experiences that are engaging, responsive, and faster. The team designs highly efficient and dynamic mobile applications that are flexible and agile. Creating seamlessly integrated mobile features is their primary focus. Moreover, the team creates exemplary user experiences that are simple but elegant, ensuring trustworthiness, desirability, usefulness, and value.

Lafont’s app designers carefully analyze clients’ business and validate their business idea by intersecting smart technologies and beautiful designs to elicit real-world change with their wireframes. Thus, for quickly accelerating the decision-making processes by evaluating ideas in the final design stage would soon endow Lafont Innovations as one of the leading mobile app design companies at GoodFirms.

After going through the discussion between the CEO of Lafont Innovations and the interviewer, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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