IT Consulting


Shared Information

Shared information is based on queries directed to our Team from a Client or Prospect. In such instances, we narrow down to the exact issues raised by the communicator to assist the person in solving their challenges or have a way of going about a given project.

In most instances, such information is shared through a phone call, email, or physical documents. In most cases, it is advisable that the communicator ought to have an IT specialist at their end that our Team can liaise with for ease of offering the services.

Remote Access

We are entrusted with access to the specific part of the Client’s system so that we can conduct various tests or sort out an exact problem that the IT specialist at the Client might have come across and not able to resolve.

Remote access entails giving our Team full access without necessarily being onsite. However, remote access can take shape in two models, whereby we will use our systems – meaning computers not registered or forming part of the Client’s systems – or the Client instructs its entrusted employee to come to our office with their registered computers to access the system under the surveillance of its staff.

Internal trust on the employees is imperative as some staff can use the opportunity to intercept remote access, which means that the staff can create on back door access at the time of remote access. However, our Team is capable of noticing such a back door and sorting out the problems.

On-Site Access

We can schedule a meeting with the Client to visit their respective offices at a convenient time, whether weekdays, weekends, or night hours, to assess the systems with consideration to the hardware specifications incorporated. Further, depending on the findings of our Team and the meeting between our Team and the Client, it will be known to us the preferred steps that the Client needs from our Team.

On-Site Access is dependent on the type of assessment required, the systems in use, the Client’s concerns on confidentiality of external access, the regulatory requirements of the system infrastructure, and trust among its staff.

Industry Model

Our Team always customizes services based on the Client’s industry, which means that the Client gets a professional service approach compared to a general and gamble service model.

Our current industry products fall within the range of FinTech, E-Commerce, Telecommunication, Entertainment, eSports, Insurance, and Medical industry. However, we encourage a prospect to contact us on our expansion plans, and newly incorporated trades for more details and curated services.

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