Tech Due Diligence


Tech Due Diligence is reserved for software, mobile applications, and Servers only. We do not offer Tech Due Diligence on hardware.

Tech Due Diligence (TDD) is an essential service we provide to a client interested in buying or selling of software. The assessment does not focus on determining the software's financial value but has a significant impact on the software's value.

The software carries intellectual property; therefore, it develops in various manifestations such as brand name. However, to fully explore such intangible value, it is essential to make sure that the product is seamless and anchors on basic factors like protection of data and infrastructural integrity.

To offer this service, we require full access and assessment of the software, which will provide a report on what our team has established before conducting a detailed TDD. The TDD provides Client the opportunity to put their house in order.

A software is unique compared to an undertaking, which can take up to a year before an Initial and Matrix Report on compliance is generated. Software generally requires frequent TDD to enable it to be up to date with third-party software it relies on and enable it to update its software, therefore, reducing possible chances of being exploited.

The TDD will take extensive documentation depending on the operations of the Client’s company or product. Also, the degree of confidentiality is vast. It is known that the coding of such software is more like a trade secret to the company, which enables it to generate revenue, upscale its revenue streams, and enhance brand reputation.

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