System Maintenance


System Maintenance is a general term involving other segments such as Penetration Testing, Tech Due Diligence (TDD), among others. It is the process of monitoring, evaluating, and modifying the information system. However, unlike the TDD and Penetration Testing, System Maintenance is conducted periodically to ensure that the system is running well and when there are triggers.

The continuous development of the current technology in the lapse of the 20th Century and welcoming of the 21st Century has resulted in complex technology systems that composes complex automated systems. Therefore, triggering new models of addressing any matter of system maintenance.

The continuous revamping of the software to enhance seamless user experience does not enhance system protection at certain levels. As technology develops, there is a specific group that continuously works towards exploiting the software. These challenges can result in wiping out of data, exploitation during the upgrading schedules, among others.

Challenges that result in the need for system maintenance is as a result of human error, accidents, unreliability, loss of quality, and statutory requirements.

It is essential to have a series of backups that will enable the software to survive through the string of computers, which not only pick up when one system fails, but in case one is wiped out. In our case, while we can advise on the most suitable hardware, we are entirely focusing on software.

Our analysis will, in general, focus on the configuration of OS, database maintenance, detection, and cleaning of malware without disclosing details.

Further, our Team will provide maintenance documentation to the Client to enable the Client to have a clear understanding of what occurs in terms of hardware specifications and software maintenance. One needs to understand how the documentation, software, and hardware complement the other for an efficient experience.

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