We provide education-based software with a focus on enhancing eLearning, access to education facilities like libraries, conducting of tests. These programs are developed to meet the academic facilities' interests, standards, staff use experience, and students' user experience.

eLearning has become an essential part of the educational system across the globe, and it requires to be addressed with the urgency and professionalism that it needs.

Our programs provide two models of examining a student, which includes the fill-in model and options model. The former requires the teacher/ tutor to go through the students' work and grade it, while the latter automatically ranks them based on the answers selected. Therefore, for the options system, the teacher is required to not only create the questions but also provide the solutions via the back-end, and marking the correct answers for the system to detected right and wrong answers when the student selects the preferred option and submits the answers.

To avoid cheating, there are models such as tab lock and mark as complete when the student decides to check other tabs probably to copy or search for an answer online. Therefore, the inbuilt system security and integrity measures come in handy during the use of our products.

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