We provide customized and detailed FinTech services to our Clients. Our understanding is based on our Team's more than ten years of experience in handling FinTech based products as a B2B and B2C model.

Mobile Banking & eWallets

We provide exclusive service to Clients on matters on Mobile Banking & eWallets through the use of dedicated mobile applications or use of the USSD Codes. It is imperative to note that the purpose of Mobile Banking is to enable customers to access the services in the most remote places across the globe. However, while some customers can purchase the required internet-enabled with great user features, others cannot, therefore, the need to adopt USSD Codes models as an alternative.

Anti-Money Laundering/ Know Your Customer Systems

Institutions have a great concern to handle Anti-Money Laundering (AML) through Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures without necessarily involving the time-consuming back and forth between the financial institution and the customer. As a result, we develop an AML system based on the relevant statutory requirements and, importantly, banks' internal policy models.

For instance, if the statutory requirements provide that any transaction within 24 hours from one source to a given source amounts to US$10,000 there must be the production of documents, we can establish systems that ask for such materials in a creative model that eases the financial institution and customers interaction.

We are equally capable to effect system integration through API or automated communication is released to an authorized person to release certain information to complete the AML and KYC process.

Online Banking Solutions

Online Banking solutions are critical to any financial institution. It exposes the Banks Insurer in unprecedented exposures when a financial institution is a victim of any online activity that results in losses of funds held in a given account.

As a result, we provide a detailed work plan and coding services to the clients to minimize the possible risks that would land the Client in bad relations with the Financial Institutions Insurer and its Customers.

Our services include system maintenance, upgrading, protection, removal of malware, removal of bugs, and advising the Client on related issues under our service packages.

Automation Systems

We are in an excellent position to develop Automation Systems for Client based on their respective industries. Automation in the FinTech industry requires excellent precision, and that is what our Team is offering. The automation model that our Team adopts is the Robotic Process Automation model, which enhances and simplifies various tasks. At the same time, the staff dedicates their own time on other revenue bolstering services.

Finance & Forex Systems

We are in an excellent position to provide the best Financial Systems to Financial Institutions. The development of a financial system heavily relies on a track system that has endpoints that can ease supervision and surveillance that enhances the integrity of the financial institution.

Therefore, our model is Client-centered with a high degree of staff and customer character that is likely to result in system manipulation.

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