Intellectual Property Guide

Guide: Intellectual Property Rights

Unregistered IPR

  • Unregistered IPR may include:
  • Unregistered trademarks (such as logos, brand, or trading names).
  • Copyright (such as rights in computer software, manuals, and other written or graphic materials). However, computer software functionality is not generally protected by Copyright.
  • Unregistered design rights (such as rights in semi-conductor topography).
  • Database rights.

Registered IPR

Details of registered rights owned by, and domain names registered in the name of, a Client. Registered IPR may include patents, registered trademarks, and registered design rights.

Shared IPR

Shared IPR frequently arises where the Client is part of a group. If IPR is shared within us, consideration will be given to how this is dealt with during and after our working relationship.

Open Source IPR

Where a person utilizes Open Source IPR, it must make all necessary disclosures as per the Open Source IPR Policy of the primary owner of the Open Source IPR. Further, the snippet of Open Source IPR is only adopted if it does not affect the sole purpose of the Client’s interests.


Ideas are not protected as IPR; however, the protection is considered under the law as Confidential Information. As a result, We encourage prospects – including our current Clients – to adopt the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). It is important to note that while the Idea is not an IPR, it is likely to contain other segments of IPR such as Copyright and registered Trademark.

Transfer of IPR

We transfer the IPR to the Client upon each party's compliance with the Service Agreement entered between the Client and us. However, at no point will We relinquish or should not be assumed We will relinquish our IPR other than the ones resulting from the Client Assignment.

Licenses on IPR

If the Client’s product requires a license of a third-party IPR, the same will be disclosed to the Client. Further, during the Transfer of IPR, the Client will not acquire IPR over the third-party IPR but will enjoy the rights on the IP as per the third-party license terms and conditions.

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